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Vaxjo ID 6
Vaccine Adjuvant Name Alhydrogel
Adjuvant VO ID VO_0001241
Description Alhydrogel is the standard preparations for immunological research on aluminum hydroxide gels. The use of aluminum adjuvants is accompanied by stimulation of IL-4 and stimulation of the T-helper-2 subsets in mice, with enhanced IgG1 and IgE production. (Vogel and Powell, 1995)
Stage of Development Licensed
Location Licensed United States
Host Species for Licensed Use 2
Components Crystalline aluminum oxyhydroxide AIOOH, known mineralogically as boehmite. The structure consists of corrugated sheets of aluminum octahedra (Vogel and Powell, 1995).
Preparation Aluminum hydroxide gel (Alhydrogel®) is obtained by precipitation of aluminum hydroxide Al(OH)3 under alkaline conditions (alum = K2Al2(SO4)4 . 24H2O) (Vogel and Powell, 1995).
Dosage Mice were injected with 4 mg of Al-hydrogel.(Munks et al., 2010)
Function Aluminum-based adjuvants mainly stimulate a Th2-type immune response characterized by increased antibody titers without affecting cell-mediated immunity.(Vaccine Adjuvant Website 2)
Safety Alhydrogel, an aluminum hydroxide gel, was chosen as the primary vaccine adjuvant platform because of its extensive safety record when used with other recombinant proteins in many age groups and populations. Alhydrogel formulations of blood-stage vaccine candidates generate a substantial immune response in animal studies and are safe. Although Alhydrogel is generally well tolerated in humans, it is a relatively weak adjuvant for antibody induction to many antigens.(Vaccine Adjuvant Website 2)
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Munks et al., 2010: Munks MW, McKee AS, Macleod MK, Powell RL, Degen JL, Reisdorph NA, Kappler JW, Marrack P. Aluminum adjuvants elicit fibrin-dependent extracellular traps in vivo. Blood. 2010; 116(24); 5191-5199. [PubMed: 20876456].
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Vogel and Powell, 1995: Vogel FR, Powell MF. A compendium of vaccine adjuvants and excipients. Pharmaceutical biotechnology. 1995; 6; 141-228. [PubMed: 7551218].