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Cov19VaxKB Statistics

Statistics: Cov19VaxKB currently includes 159 Phase 1-3 and authorized vaccines. In addition, Cov19VaxKB has collected a number of preclinical COVID-19 vacines and COVID-19 vaccine adverse event case report data.

Cov19VaxKB includes two types of COVID-19 vaccine data:

  • Querable relational database data: This is our itemized annotated COVID-19 vaccine data, which is stored in our manually annotated, well structured relational database based on our database schema. You can query the data in different ways. To find more information, you can check: itemized COVID-19 vaccine data. Our Cov19VaxKB Query program provides a web user interface for interactive query on this dataset.

  • HTML format data: We generated many manually annotated web pages to quickly display the vaccines developed and used at different stages, including Authorized vaccines, Phase III vaccines, Phase II vaccines, Phase I vaccines, and Preclinical vaccines. All the records of the vaccines at different stages except the prelininical vaccines are recorded in our relational database as well. These web pages provide the readers quick grasp of the most updated information.

In addition, we have also represented those vaccine knowledge in the Vaccine Ontology (VO), for interoperable query and computer-interpretable data analysis. The ontology IDs can be identified from the relational database queries as well as the HTML websites as introduced above.

Cov19VaxKB includes the COVID-19 vaccine safety tool, which allows the users to query the vaccine adverse event case report data downloaded from the USA CDC/FDA Vaccine Adverse Event Case Reporting (VAERS) system. We have provided a web interface for users to conveniently queryg and analyze the adverse event data. Furthermore, we have summarized our statistical data analysis results. Also check out the reference for our standardized statistical data analysis pipeline Sarntivijai et al, 2012 (PMCID: PMC3509157).

Cov19VaxKB also includes a COVID-19 vaccine design tool and predicted results.

Furthermore, Cov19VaxKB includes a COVID-19 vaccine literature search tool, which automatically extracts recently published peer-reviewed articles from the most recent two months.