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Coxsackievirus vaccine vector

Vaxvec ID 58
Vaccine Vector Name Coxsackievirus vaccine vector
Vector VO ID VO_0001057
Related Vaccine(s)
Gu et al., 2010: Gu R, Shampang A, Nashar T, Patil M, Fuller DH, Ramsingh AI. Oral immunization with a live coxsackievirus/HIV recombinant induces gag p24-specific T cell responses. PloS one. 2010; 5(9); . [PubMed: 20824074].
Halim et al., 2000: Halim SS, Ostrowski SE, Lee WT, Ramsingh AI. Immunogenicity of a foreign peptide expressed within a capsid protein of an attenuated coxsackievirus. Vaccine. 2000; 19(7-8); 958-965. [PubMed: 11115722].
Henke et al., 2008: Henke A, Jarasch N, Wutzler P. Coxsackievirus B3 vaccines: use as an expression vector for prevention of myocarditis. Expert review of vaccines. 2008; 7(10); 1557-1567. [PubMed: 19053211].
Kim and Nam, 2010: Kim DS, Nam JH. Characterization of attenuated coxsackievirus B3 strains and prospects of their application as live-attenuated vaccines. Expert opinion on biological therapy. 2010; 10(2); 179-190. [PubMed: 20088713].
Kim and Nam, 2011: Kim DS, Nam JH. Application of attenuated coxsackievirus B3 as a viral vector system for vaccines and gene therapy. Human vaccines. 2011; 7(4); 410-416. [PubMed: 21389776].
Kim et al., 2010: Kim DS, Cho YJ, Kim BG, Lee SH, Nam JH. Systematic analysis of attenuated Coxsackievirus expressing a foreign gene as a viral vaccine vector. Vaccine. 2010; 28(5); 1234-1240. [PubMed: 19941986].
Slifka et al., 2001: Slifka MK, Pagarigan R, Mena I, Feuer R, Whitton JL. Using recombinant coxsackievirus B3 to evaluate the induction and protective efficacy of CD8+ T cells during picornavirus infection. Journal of virology. 2001; 75(5); 2377-2387. [PubMed: 11160741].