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Program of ICoVax 2013

News on 3/19/2014:

The full content of the supplement can be found at The link to the supplement is permanently accessible.


Final Agenda :


  • Each accepted full-length paper will be given 25 minutes of an oral presentation.
  • Each accepted abstract submission will be given 10 minutes for a flask talk and an additional poster presentation.
  • Dr. Yongqun "Oliver" He's group could not attend the meeting physically due to a conflict. A poster was printed and mailed to Frances Terry in EpiVax, Inc. Frances kindly offered to post the poster at the workshop.
  • Peng Fu was not able to attend the meeting physically.
  • Edward Wijaya was not able to attend the meeting phsically due to a visa issue.


Notifications of accepted full-length and abstract papers:

Full-legnth papers:

  • Integrated assessment of predicted MHC binding and cross-conservation with self reveals patterns of viral camouflage. by: Lu He, Anne De Groot, Andres Guttierez, William Martin, Lenny Moise and Chris Bailey-Kellogg. Accepted.
  • DNAVaxDB: the first web-based DNA vaccine database and its data analysis. by: Rebecca Racz, Xinna Li, Mukti Patel, Zuoshuang Xiang and Yongqun He. Accepted.
  • Target Network Differences between Western Drugs and Chinese Herbal Ingredients in Treating Cardiovascular Disease. by: Peng Fu, Linlin Yang , Yi Sun, Li Ye, Zhiwei Cao, Kailin Tang. Accepted.

Accepted abstract presentations:

  • FastVax: Accelerated Vaccine Design, Production and Delivery for Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biodefense. by: Annie De Groot, Leo Einck, Leonard Moise, Michael Chambers, John Ballantyne, Robert W. Malone, Matthew Ardito and William Martin.
  • Broadly Reactive Influenza H1N1 CD4+ T-cell Epitopes Identified by Immunoinformatic Methods. by: Leonard Moise, Howard Latimer, Ryan Tassone, Mathew Ardito, Frances Terry, Christine Boyle, William Martin and Anne De Groot.
  • Low immunogenicity predicted for hemagglutinin of emerging avian-origin H7N9 influenza. by: Annie De Groot, Matthew Ardito, Frances Terry, Lauren Levitz, Ted M. Ross, Leonard Moise and William Martin.
  • iVAX Web-based Vaccine Design. by: Frances Terry, Jacob Tivin, Leonard Moise, William Martin and Anne De Groot.
  • Identification of T-cell Epitopes in the Hepatitis C Virus g4 Proteome: A Step towards Epitope-Driven Vaccine Development. by: Karim Abdel-Hady, Andres Nunez, Frances Terry, Joe Desrosiers, Anne De Groot and Hassan Azzazy.
  • A Pan-Genome Approach for Vaccine Design Against Johne’s Disease. by: Adel Talaat, Erik Settles and John Kinks.
  • EPISOPT: A tool for optimal T cell epitope selection and vaccine design. by: Magadalena Molero-Abraham, Esther L Lafuente and Pedro Reche.
  • MicroRNA-vaccine relation inference through rule-based PubMed literature mining. by: Edward Wijaya, Yoriko Suenari and Daron Standley

Accepted software demonstration:

  • iVAX Web-based Vaccine Design. by: Frances Terry, Jacob Tivin, Leonard Moise, William Martin and Anne De Groot.